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Even though Domain Fellow is perhaps the oldest domain suggestion engines on the Internet, it is still one of best resources on the Internet for domain generation. This Domain Name Generator is used for creating short and meaningful domain names and check if they are available and not yet taken by someone else. You can combine your own keywords or use a categorized database of popular words to create excellent domains. This domain generator is easy and absolutely free to use.

Domain Fellow was one of the first projects developed by Alex Zhavoronkov, PhD. He later developed many other open-access resources like the International Aging Research Portfolio , Funding Trends , Aging.CC , and many others.

Domain fellow does not make domain registration itself. Instead, after you find the domain name you are looking for, it refers you to one of the accredited registrars (NetworkSolutions, now called Verisign, Dotster, or some other high-quality registrar). Domain fellow does not charge you for any services and the domain registrar charges you the same rate they would normally charge (without adding any additional markup for customers that came through Domain Fellow). 


Domain naming is both art and science and no tool will help you if you don't know what you want to get. If you watched Luc Besson's movie "The Revolver", you probably remember the famous phrase: "What do you really want?". So before searching for a domain name, it is important to first decide what is it that you want...

Some sites you may want to visit to check the popularity of your key words to ensure that it is not only you who thinks that key words are relevant, but many other people also do:


      Google Keyword Tool  - really cool tool to see if your key word is popular

      Google Trends - allows you to check the trends for your keyword. Many of the best domain namers use this tool. It is really the best!


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